Description @Home Challenges

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To gain points in the competition, the robots must complete several challenges in an environment that looks like an ordinary apartment. The content and number of challenges changes every year, but some recent challenges can be found below.

Robot Inspection and Poster Session

Every robot needs to register himself by introducing himself to the jury and handover the register form. To guarantee safety, the emergency button will be tested. At the same time, every team has a poster presentation about their recent developments.

Speech Recognition

Every robot will be asked 5 questions out of a set of 25 questions. The robot needs to recognize the voice over several distances and orientations and has to correctly answer the questions.

Person Recognition

Every robot must teach himself an operator and recognize him out of a group of people. After this, he needs to describe a group in terms of gender and mood.

Manipulation and Object Recognition (M&OR)

Every robot must recognize certain objects and move them in the right way.


Every robot must navigate from A to B without hitting obstacles.

General Purpose Service Robot (GPSR)

This challenge tests the skills of the robots. The difference between other challenges is that the tasks are not known af the beginning of the challenge, but the referee chooses what the robot must do.

Open Challenge

Teams will demonstrate their recent developments in the open challenge. The focus is on demonstrating new applications, robot-human interaction and the scientific contribution.

Enhanced Endurance General Purpose Service Robot (EEGPSR)
The EEGPSR is an Enhanced version of the earlier GPSR, and Endurance plays a bigger role as well: the robots will be given more tasks over a longer period oftime, and these tasks will be more complex. This is the way you would eventually want to use a robot: making it perform tasks in the house through a speech command

During this test, the robot will go to an unknown environment to do his tasks. He needs to navigate to several locations and recognize objects and bring them to another location. The challenge will take place in a ‘real’ environment, like a restaurant or a shopping mall.


The 5 teams with the highest score will go to the finals. During the final every team can show something of their choice. The jury consists of people from the @Home league and people from the business world. They will judge the presentation.

The end score will for 25% be determined by the jury and for 25% by the people from the business world. The other 50% will be determined by the scores from previous stages.