When and how to apply for visa?

To check if you need a Schengen visa, please check this document.

You can apply for a short stay visa at the Dutch embassy or consulate in your country 3 months before the competitions start. A full list of consulates responsible for short stay (Schengen) visa for the Netherlands and Schengen member states can be downloaded at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Make sure that you include the following documents in your application:

  • Valid passport (travel document)
  • Letter of invitation. RoboCup European Open 2016 only sends out a letter of invitation after your registration is complete, i.e. after you paid the registration fees.
  • Evidence showing that you have sufficient means of support for your stay in the Netherlands, transit journey, and/or return journey. This means showing you have at least €34,- per person per day at your disposal for the duration of your visa (for example by means of bank statements, traveller’s cheques or cash).

  • Documents showing you have adequate medical travel insurance.
  • Proof of reservations for the journey.
  • Documents which make the return to your country of origin or country of continuous residence plausible. Such as an employer’s statement, records of children attending school, proof of ownership of your own house and/or other immovable property.
  • Two passport photographs.

Please note: An embassy or consulate may always ask you for extra documents or items.

Please note: To speed up the visa-requests, the Dutch embassies prefer teams to make a group appointment for all the team-members.


Any Questions?

More information can be found at the “Short stay visa”-page of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service.

If there are still things unclear about the visa, or if you have questions about the letter of invitation, please contact us at visa@reo2016.org