Besides visiting the competitions, it is also very nice and exciting to join many workshops and demonstrations. Several workshops and demonstrations are arranged for people of all ages. These activities give a good overview what happens in the field of technology. You can get active yourself during a workshop, watch impressive technical demonstrations with robots or listen to one of the teachers of Eindhoven University of Technology during a lecture for children! Look at this list to see what you can see and do.

The schedule of the event can be found here.

Musical robots

These robots come all the way from Germany to perform for you! Kolja Kugler from Berlin developed these robots, being able to play real instruments.

Physics circus

Nothing is what it seems during the circus of Physics. See marshmallows grow and experience gravity in a new way! You won’t believe your eyes.

Workshop Mindstorms

During this workshop you will teach to build and program your own robot. After this workshop your robot can execute commands in a special track.

Workshop Electrical Engineering

A lot of the machines you have at home wouldn’t work without electrical engineering. But how does it work? By experiencing through research and experiments you will teach how it works!

Expedition Moendoes

Teach how to do a research! In science you will have to be curious, creative and think logically. During this game, you will experience a research cycle.

Battle of the Robots

Build your own robot and let it drive in an arena! With different materials you will transform your robot into a winner robot.

Jouw Techniek Fabriek

Experience science in Jouw Techniek Fabriek! Learn about smart lifting, electricity and pipework or join the DJ Battle!

VR Oculus Rift demonstration

Virtual reality is more and more integrated in our society. Do you want to experience what it’s like to be in this Virtual Reality? Visit the RoboCup!


Have you seen them drive around the city? OXBOARDs are cool! Try at the RoboCup what it is like to drive this revolutionary OXBOARD. There easy to drive, extremely maneuverable and superfast! 

Scratch programming

Is programming hard? Come and see during this workshop! You will be able to program your own robot.

Pleo and Zoomer cuddle place

Robots are not only big metal object. These robots are here to play and cuddle with you! If you want to rest from all these workshops, come by!

Workshop programming creatively

During this workshop you will teach how you can build and program musical instrument with Makey Makey. You can also make a game controller with Pacman.

Mobile Escape room

This escaperoom is all about hacking. Try to escape in time!