List of participants RoboCup Junior Rescue

These are the teams who will participate in the RoboCup Junior Rescue league.

RoboCup Junior: Rescue Line

AC/DC Pirates, Mendelcollege (The Netherlands)

UGC, Mendelcollege (The Netherlands)

Cyborg, Metis Montessori College (The Netherlands)

Groenewald, Groendewald (The Netherlands)

RoboBoys, CJD Chrisophorusschule Koningswinter (Germany)

TCR, Jump AG (Germany)

roBOBs, Asd Dreampuzzle (Italy)

H-Level, Clever-Robot Lab (China)

dadaWUT, dadaWUT (Slovenia)

Uranus, Uranus (Slovenia)

Equipewo, Equipewo (United Kingdom)

OG-Kichererbsen, Katja Cullman (Germany)

OG-Free-to-play, Katja Cullman (Germany)

Junior Rescue on green field

Robogirls, Mendelcollege (The Netherlands)

Emirhan, Metis Montessori College (The Nederland)

RoboFiction, RoboFiction Team Gouda (The Netherlands)

Login, Asd Deampuzzle (Italy)

QWERTY, Asd Dreampuzzle (Italy)

Iqilegaarip, Iqilegaarip (United Kingdom)

MANS Noorderkempen, Coderdojo Brecht (Belgium)

Rescue CoSpace

OG-Geist, Katja Cullman (Germany)